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How to Grow Your Dental Lab with Reviews

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Your Dental Lab Needs Reviews to Grow

There’s a lot to be anxious about if you own a dental lab these days — offshoring, technology, cheap crowns and price-sensitive dentists… the list goes on.  If you lose business to competition, it’s difficult to replace without investing even more money in direct marketing.  It’s a vicious and costly cycle.  But that’s not really the whole picture as labs can tell you that have wasted thousands of dollars in flashy “marketing campaigns”.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend…somebody has to vouch for you.   Read More

Why should you leave dental lab reviews?

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Dentists spend $5.4 billion annually with their labs. That’s a big investment.  But, unlike most mature service industries, there has been no way to rate, review, and search for dental labs.  There has only been word of mouth.  But what if the best lab for a dentist is across the country?  This has always puzzled me, and I have been in the industry for 15 years.

So, I built LabWorthy.   Read More