How to Communicate with Your Dental Lab

How to Communicate With Your Dental Lab

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Have you heard this one?

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

It’s a deep cut from Tolstoy and referred to as the “Anna Karenina principle.” It refers to how poor performance in any one of a number of categories can kill an entire relationship. You might also know it as the reason you left your last dental lab. Lab expense can be the second biggest line item for dentists monthly—it’s why nailing the relationship with your lab matters. About 22 percent of dentists switch labs because of poor communication. Read More

How to Grow Your Dental Lab with Reviews

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Your Dental Lab Needs Reviews to Grow

There’s a lot to be anxious about if you own a dental lab these days — offshoring, technology, cheap crowns and price-sensitive dentists… the list goes on.  If you lose business to competition, it’s difficult to replace without investing even more money in direct marketing.  It’s a vicious and costly cycle.  But that’s not really the whole picture as labs can tell you that have wasted thousands of dollars in flashy “marketing campaigns”.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend…somebody has to vouch for you.   Read More

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6 Tips to Creating a Truly Useful Lab Review

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Did you ever read a review that just didn’t seem genuine or trustworthy? As experienced review-readers, you’re probably used to skimming over the reviews that seem obviously biased in one way or the other. “Best lab ever!” or “Buyer beware. Stay away from this one!” It’s normally clear which reviewers are truly trying to be helpful and which reviewers are either significantly biased or are hoping to gain attention from an over-the-top, angry review. When writing a review for a lab or a product on LabWorthy, we suggest a few tips to make your review as helpful to other potential customers as possible. Read More