The LabWorthy Team

Learn more about the team responsible for connecting dentists and labs.

John Schwartz

Founder + CEO

John's parents met at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. John has 13 years of experience leading and growing media brands in the dental industry and a track record of digital innovation and growth. Most recently, John was the Vice President overseeing the $20MM Dental and Eyecare portfolio for UBM. There he handled strategy and management of brands like Dental Products Report, Dental Lab Products, and The Modern Dental Network. In working as a strategic partner on the business issues facing labs, dentists, and the industry, he was able to identify the need for the LabWorthy platform. John has also worked at The New York Times and consulted with various companies on digital media strategy and content marketing in the B2B and entertainment verticals.

Dave Christophe

Co-Founder + CTO

David is a passionate developer with deep marketplace platform experience, including B2B lead generation platforms. Recently, David has completed:

  • Blockbarter, a social media site focused on connecting gardeners in the community to facilitate trading plants and crops.
  • Lineswap, a service which gives businesses the ability to create and sell passes to skip the lines at their events and venues.
  • Pixsplor, a new geolocation-based form of social media, currently in open Beta on the Apple app store.

David graduated from USC with a degree in mechanical engineering and he is responsible for engineering, development, and product at LabWorthy.

Terry Fine


Terry is the President of AMG Creative, the dental lab industry's largest agency and specializes in building effective marketing solutions for some of the largest labs in the US. Prior to this, Terry worked extensively in logistics and workflow management.

Shervin Samari

Director of Experience

Shervin is an entrepreneur, art director, and creative visionary with a passion and 15 years experience combining technology, media, and entertainment to spread ideas that builds brands and drive sales. He founded LA-based agency, Omelet, and has done work for brands such as Microsoft, EA, Harley Davidson, Fox Broadcasting, Vivendi Games, TNT, and USA Network.

Kevin Stout

Director of Marketing

Kevin is a marketing growth hacker. He has deep experience in the dental industry from his work at UBM with companies such as the Kavo Kerr Group, 3M, Scheduling Institute, and more. He led a team that grew and into top tier B2B healthcare media sites through traffic growth, digital product development, and inbound lead generation.

Jeffrey Noles

Senior Advisor

Jeff has spent over 20 years establishing and growing technology businesses, with expertise in building cloud-based software applications. Before LabStar software, Jeff founded and operated a dental laboratory in Los Angeles where he used web-based supply chain technology to connect with both clients and partner manufacturers. Prior to the dental lab industry, Jeff worked at eBay, starting as Taiwan Country Manager before moving to Shanghai to lead Asia Pacific customer support and anti-fraud strategy. Jeff is fluent in spoken and written Mandarin Chinese and is a graduate of Columbia University.